The mechanics

We are keeping it simple. For now.
The game mechanics consist of a few key elements:
  • Player profile
    It's very simple - this is where you choose your username, keep your tickets and request your funds
  • Game tickets purchased for crypto, used to participate. A percentage of all ticket sales goes to the team and revenue-share NFT holders. When a player uses a ticket, most of it's price goes towards the prize fund of the game.
  • Game Lobby This is where players are brought together before a game. A game will start when the timer ends and there are at least 2 players ready to play in the lobby.
  • The game The game is a tournament that consists of 10 rounds, where players will have 7 seconds to guess the price of a random NFT. Everyone guesses simultaneously. Guesses can be made in USDC or ETH.
  • The results The more accurate the guess, and the quicker it is entered - the more score points a player receives for the round. The max score for each question is 1000 score points. 80% of the score is given for the accuracy of the guess relative to other players. 20% of the score is given for the speed of the answer. When the rounds are finished, scores are calculated and the prizes are distributed according to this table.
  • The payment Winnings available to withdraw will be displayed in the player profile, and can be requested by the player at any time. With time, a player will also be able use their winnings to purchase additional tickets.
Additional anti-fraud checks and security measures are taken to provide a fair experience for our players - because of this - winnings will be distributed within 24 hours of request (this is the maximum time limit, should be much faster).
This is a measure for the early days to make sure everything works smoothly. Near-instant access to winnings will be implemented with time.